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CV(PDF)- Last updated September 1, 2019


Journal Articles


“Competition for Antitrust: The National Civic Federation and the Founding of the Federal Trade Commission" (with Peter J. Boettke and Thomas K. Duncan), Journal of Prices and Markets, Forthcoming.

“Political Economy and the Science of Association: The Natural Alliance of the Vienna and Virginia Traditions.” (with P. Boettke), Review of Austrian Economics 27(1) 2014: 97-110.

“Rational Irrationality and the Political Process of Repeal: The Women’s Organization of National Prohibition Reform and the 21st Amendment” (with D. Thomas and M. Thomas), Kyklos, 66(1) 2014: 130-152.


“Hooligans” (with P. Leeson and D. Smith), Revue d’Economie Politique, 122(2) 2012: 213-231.


“The Servants of Obama’s Machinery: F. A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom Revisited? - A Reply” (with P. Boettke), Eastern Economic Journal, 38(4) 2012: 428-433.


“War and Liberty: Wisdom from Leonard E. Read and F.A. ‘Baldy’ Harper.” (with C. Coyne),Economic Affairs, 31(3) 2011: 51-53.


“Free to Smoke” (with W. Block), Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 29 (1-4) 2011: 135-153.


“Context of Context: The Evolution of Hayek’s Epistemic Turn in Economics and Politics” (with P. Boettke and E. Shaeffer), Advances in Austrian Economics, 14 2010, 69-86.


“Banks, Insurance Companies, and Discrimination” (with W. Block and E. Stringham),Business and Society Review, 113(3) 2008, 403-419.


“The Broken Trailer Fallacy: Seeing the Unseen Effects of Government Policies in Post-Katrina New Orleans” (with E. Stringham), International Journal of Social Economics, 35(7) 2008, 480-489. (Lead article)


Book Chapters


“Been There Done That: The Political Economy of Deja Vu” (with P. Boettke and D. Smith). In, S. Kates, ed., The Global Financial Crisis: Alternative Perspectives on What we have Learnt. Edward Elgar. 2011.


“Classical Political Economy” (with P. Boettke), in M. Bevir (ed.) Encyclopedia of Political Theory, Sage. (2011).

  • Recipient of the American Library Association’s Outstanding Reference Source Award (2011). 


Book Reviews


“Dennis M.P. McCarthy, An Economic History of Organized Crime: A National and Transnational Approach,” Public Choice, forthcoming 2012.


"Daniel Okrent, Book Review of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.” Review of Austrian Economics. 24(4): 451-454.




The Foundation for Economic Education’s From the Archive: Column. Short articles about the history of the Free Market movement discussing documents from F.A. Hayek, J. M. Keynes, Milton Friedman, George Stigler, Gary Becker, Paul Samuelson, and more.


“The Broken Trailer Fallacy: The Disaster of Post-Katrina Housing Policies” (with E. Stringham). Administrative & Regulatory Law News Vol. 36, No. 4: 8-9.


“Cars and Its attack on Progress,” (with M. Cobanov and C. Popovich) Daily Article July 4, 2006.


“The Three Stages of Invention,” Daily Article July 20, 2006.

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