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Current Courses: Wabash College Fall 2019


Econ 101 - Principles of Economics (2 sections)

Econ 277 - Economics of Black Markets


Past Courses

Introduction to Microeconomics (Indiana University)

Economics of Regulation (Indiana University)

Enduring Questions, Freshman Seminar (Wabash College)

Economics of Black Markets (Wabash College)

Principles of Economics  (Wabash College)

Senior Seminar: The Economics of Regulation  (Wabash College)

Seminar: Economics of Crime (Kenyon College)

Principles of Macroeconomics (Kenyon College)

Seminar: American Economic History (Kenyon College)

Constitutional Political Economy (Kenyon College)

Economics of Regulation (Kenyon College)

Siminar: the Economics of Black Markts (Kenyon College)

Principles of Microeconomics (Kenyon College)

Honors Principles of Microeconomics (OSU)

Issues in the Undeground Economy (OSU)

Current Economic Issues in the United States (OSU)

Economics of Crime (OSU)

Economics of War (OSU)

Public Expenditure and Cost Benefit Analysis (OSU)

Government and Business (OSU)

Freakonomics (OSU)

Intermediate Microeconomics (OSU)

International Economic Policy (GMU)



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